Chronicles 2017: Industry

Photo: Yuri Shkurin

Leading branches of national economy received strong impulse to rapid growth in 2017 under the course of large-scale industrialization of national economy successfully realized by Turkmenistan and under bringing of the country among developed country of the world.

These are such major directions as chemical and textile industry, production of building materials. Petrochemical sphere is rapidly developed; its huge potential is laid upon comprehensive processing of hydrocarbons. Strategic measures were taken in creation of new ore mining industry - development of largest in the region deposit of potassium salts has started, which resulted in bringing of national chemical industry to the leading position in the world in production of mineral fertilizers that on high demand in foreign markets.

Last year, considerable measures were taken for the formation of national electronic industry and instrumentation. Fishery has also considerably improved its position including in artificial production of commercial fish species.

The Government pays special attention to the development of chemical industry what has been reflected in the Programme of social and economic development of Turkmenistan in 2018 – 2024 adopted at the Council of the Elders.

Rapid increment of production powers of various fertilizers for full satisfaction of agricultural requirements and improvement of food safety are the priority of branch development. Natural resources, considerable reserves of hydrocarbon and hydrogen sulphide materials, new technologies and methods of processing and ready-made products allowed expanding the variety and increasing the volumes of mineral fertilizers.

Powerful cluster of the facilities including «Maryazot» Production Entity, «Tejenkarbamid» and «Marykarbamid» plants as well as petrochemical complex in Mary compose the infrastructure of this industry. Taking into account total volumes of their production, up to 450 thousand tons per year, the growth of their foreign trade potential is obvious.

Objectives of the export-oriented production stipulate the construction of another innovative petrochemical complex that is under rapid construction in Garabogaz, Balkan Velayat. Largest in the region investment project is performed by foreign partners «Mitsubishi Corporation» (Japan) и «Gap Inşaat» (Turkey). New world technologies are to be applied at super modern facility.

Production of phosphorous fertilizers is concentrated in Lebap Velayat. Turkmenabat Chemical Complex is the only suppliers of this product in the country, however, after opening of modern facility for production of 500 thousand tons of sulphuric acid per year on its base, new stage in the development of phosphorous industry has started. Perspective and profitability of this production are conditioned by by the fact that sulphuric acid is an important component in production of this mineral fertilizer for the plants. Project capacity of acid production facility allows exporting of considerable part of this product.

In addition, the construction of another complex for production of 300 thousand tons of high quality phosphorous fertilizers is carried out at the facility.

Application of nitrogen, phosphorous, potassium and other fertilizers supports the improvement of crops production, improvement of land fertility and quality of agricultural products.

The most share in the structure of the world production of mineral fertilizers are occupied nitrogen (64 percent), phosphorous (19 percent) and potassium (17 percent), however, this is potassium fertilizers that make 80 percent of export turnover in this sphere.

Following this, the construction of the first in Turkmenistan and largest in Central Asia ore mining complex for development of salts reserves in Garlyk field, Lebap Velayat is important event in the world economy system.

Taking into consideration that it is planned to reach the production of 4 million tons of potassium fertilizers in the complex, colossal reserves of the deposit exceeding 2 billion tons will provide stable work of the complex for many decades.

Starting of chemical production will allow not only providing the requirements of agricultural industry of the country in fertilizers but also exporting large volumes (more than 1.2 million tons) mainly to the states of South – East Asia. This includes the largest importers of mineral fertilizers – China and India.

Another innovative production based on advanced technologies and comprehensive processing of hydrocarbons is yet to be developed in petrochemical industry. The complex built in Kiyanly, Balkan Velayat plans gradual processing of 5 billon of natural gas for production of the most required plastics in the world – 81 thousand tons of granulated polypropylene and 386 thousand tons of polyethylene. Industrial giant is planned to be opened in 2018. Around 1200 people will be working there.

Presence of considerable material resources allows our country to enter the number of the largest producers of iodine and bromine and wide spectrum of other chemical products. Turkmenistan has unique and largest deposits of iodine in the world. Hazar», «Balkanabat» and «Bereket» plants in western region annually produce more than 570 thousand tons of iodine, which production place our state to one of the leading positions in the world. at present time, it is planned to build new facilities for production of technical iodine, bromine and their products based on government and private sector partnership.

It is worth mentioning in this context the construction of the facility for annual production of 40 thousand tons of iodized food salt and 2500 tons of tableted technical salt on the territory of branch enterprise «Guwlyduz» of the State Concern «Türkmenhimiýa». Natural deposit of Guwly Lake in Turkmenbashy etrap is the material base for the facility. Reserves of salt there are almost unlimited. Opening of new industrial facility will give strong impulse to the development of export opportunities of the branch.

Big potential in import substitutive sphere is demonstrated by the building materials industry. Cement production is the key direction in this branch. Production capacity of the plants making cement of required brands almost solved the objective of its provision of large-scale construction in the country. This is heavy-duty Portland cement, which is used in construction of multi-storey buildings and other facilities in seismic zone. In addition, the production of plugging cement for oil and gas industry as well as sulphate resistant cement used in building of the foundations, bridge pillars and other hydro-technical constructions has been arranged.

Other enterprises, particularly metallurgic and aeroconcrete plants producing and supplying expanding construction market with wall panels and reinforced blocks, extended clay, ferro metal items, ceramic bricks, tiles, etc. make contribution to the diversification of national economy.

New technology lines are installed at Turkmenbashy Complex of non-metallic construction materials specialized in production of rubble, gravel, construction sand, stones used in decorative tiling in landscape design as well as rocks used in construction of roads, dams, bank protection and other facilities. The list of products made at the facility also includes ceramic bricks, roof tiles and gypsum.

Production volumes of metal profiles, plastic and fibreglass pipes have been increased. Rich natural resources of the country allow increasing the production of expanded clay, which main component is the claystone produced at Yagman deposit in Balkan Velayat. Roof tile and clay plants are operating near Jebel settlement.

Construction of the facility for production of finishing materials from local resources has been started in city Magdanly, Lebap Velayat in 2017. It is planned to produce 100 thousand tons of dry mixtures for finishing of rooms and 12 million sq. m. of plasterboards per year after its opening.

Measures for creation of new productions from local materials like super fine basalt fibre and insulation and composite materials on its base are taken. This product is on high demand not only in internal market but also abroad.

New branch for our economy – the production of electronic devices, has huge import substitutive effect. Big role in the development of this industrial sector is given to national entrepreneurs who are oriented mainly at use of local materials and advanced technologies.

The Ministry of Industry, the Academy of Sciences, the Ministry of Energy and the Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs carry out active work for creation of the network of joint profile ventures provided with modern high capacity equipment and innovative technologies under the realization of relative state programme until 2020.

In 2017, the list of quality industrial goods made in our country was supplemented with home appliances – gas and electrical stoves, electrical ovens, microwaves, vacuum cleaners. Assembly of this production at the facilities of «Hojalyk harytlary» Business Entity with the participation of «Türkmenmaşyngurluşyk» will allow reducing the volumes of import in this field and providing the population with affordable consumer goods.

«Аýdyn gijeler» Busines Entity together with «Тäze zаmаn gurluşykçy» arranged mass production of 3 – 24 watt LED lights with total volume of 8440 units per year. 17 – 24 thousand items are pruduced daily. This product is one of the most efficient and environmentally friendly light sources. Taking into consideration the fact that around 80 percent of local materials are used in production, the lights are twice cheaper than imported analogues. More than 2 million bulbs were sold in the last year.

New facility for assembly of electrical meters was opened at Ashgabat Electrotechnical Plant. First samples of this production have been assembled there and line production of 180 thousand instruments is to be arranged in the future.

It is also planned to open secondary processing production for renewal of the spectrum of high quality goods by own material resources. New company «Türkmen senagat önümleri» established together with the State Enterprise «Türkmendemirönümleri» and «Berk menzil gurluşyk» Business Entity will produce 900 thousand tons of crumb rubber from automobile tires and 324 thousand tons of isogum as well as 744 tons of aluminium profiles and 360 tons of insulated copper wire at the first stage. It is planned to start the production of 30 thousand tons of different metal products at the second stage.

Comprehensive development of textile industry that has high technology potential of seventy facilities located in all regions of the country and almost unlimited material resources is aimed at the solution of strategic import substitutive objectives and increment of export production.

Owing to big investments to large-scale diversification and modernization of the branch, provision of advanced equipment and innovations with the participation of foreign partners, the variety of local high quality goods that deservingly compete with foreign analogues is steadily expanded.

The base of the industry is composed of the largest in Central Asia complexes with closed production cycle as well as cotton mills, textile and sewing factories, which are able to produce up to 192 thousand tons of various yarn, 218 million sq. m. of cotton and mixed fabrics, 11 thousand tons of different jersey textile, 7.2 thousand tons of terry-cloth and 100 million of ready-made garments per year.

The outcomes of 2017 indicate high growth of textile industry. The production plan of the facilities was fulfilled t0 117.1 percent and total rate of growth was 6.6 percent. In particular, this index on production of cotton fabrics is equal to 3.5 percent, ready-made sewing and jersey items – 17.3 percent.

Special weaved yarn that started to be produced at Kaahka Cotton mill “Serdar” with the facility for production of 1330 tons per year is among export oriented products developed in 2017. This double weaving yarn is designated for production of terry and jersey fabrics.

Silk industry is very perspective direction. The volumes of silk cocoon production are annually increased in the country and the variety of high quality Turkmen silk and ready-made items is expanded.

Today, leading facilities that were completely reconstructed and provided with machines such as Ashgabat Silk Factory and Turkmenabat Silk production Association produce any thread by the order of the consumers and meeting high international standards.

Production of silk making facilities is required not only in sewing and weaving sectors of national textile industry. Significantly increased demand in silk yarn and thread of dozens of colours and shades is conditioned by the growth of production of hand-made carpets and decorative and applied art items.

Special direction of the activity of textile industry – modelling and production of clothes under realization of the state programme of development of physical training and sports in the country is worth to be mentioned. Special orders on making of good dress with national symbols and relative logos for participation of Turkmen sportsmen in any competitions are fulfilled.

Big work has also been made under realization of grandiose project Ashgabat 2017. Set of suits for different sports, garments and accessories with emblems and logos of Asian Games were made for successful V Asian Indoor and Martial Arts Games in the capital and making of high image of our country as sport state.

Success of economic strategy is demonstrated by Turkmen hand-made carpet production. New production workshop was built at the largest in the country Khalach Art Carpet Facility under realization of the State Programme of increment of volumes of export production. The factory will make 1500 sq. m. of carpet items per year in addition to existing volumes of 6000 sq. m. of wool carpets after reaching of project output capacity of the facility. The factory will also produce giant carpets, for which special machines have been installed at the facility. In addition, steadfast work for introduction of modern industrial technologies of carpet production is carried out.

Successes and achievements of textile industry and carpet production are demonstrated annually at specialized international exhibitions. The forums attract the attention of leading companies – producers and suppliers of textile and weaving equipment and top technologies trying to improve business cooperation with Turkmen partners.

Development of fishing industry receiving big investments supports the expansion of export capabilities and improvement of food segment of national economy. Recently, owing to comprehensive renewal and provision of branch facilities and establishment of new large industrial facilities based on innovative technologies, systematic increment of volumes of produced fish is ongoing and efficiency of measures aimed at artificial breeding and of commercial fish, quality processing and making of various fish products is improved.

Successful development of the industry is related with the opening of largest in Central Asian region facility for production of sturgeon, caviar and fish products – Open Joint Stock Company «Hazar balyk» of the Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs of the country.

Decision on construction of another complex for industrial sturgeon breeding and fish production in Guvlymayak village, Turkmenbashy etrap, Balkan velayat was conditioned by the objectives on further increment of volumes and variety of related production.

New facilities for storage of fish products opened recently in Lebap velayat and Mary are to serve to dynamic growth of fishing industry under comprehensive development of processing branches and production of high quality food items.