The military parade was held in Ashgabat on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of independence of Turkmenistan

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Today the major national holiday – Independence Day- is celebrated in Turkmenistan. On the occasion of the 30th anniversary of independence of Turkmenistan the ceremonial events are held through our country. The festive morning started with the flower-laying ceremony to the Independence Monument. The Government tribune complex became the center of the major ceremonies on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of sacred independence, opened on the eve of the holiday.

At present, the military parade has already held in Ashgabat. The President of the state Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov took the parade.

After acceptance of the report of the Deputy Prime Minister, Secretary of the State Security Council Ch. Amanov, the leader of the nation has held a review of the troops, welcoming the ceremonial regiments, and congratulated with the holiday of the 30th anniversary of independence of Turkmenistan. After he went up to the tribune, the head of the nation gave a command to start the parade.

The holiday parade was opened by the banners group, flying the sacred of nation – the Flag of Fatherland.

First the infantry columns marched in the parade, then the up-to-date samples of the military hardware and armament of the Turkmen army were demonstrated. The review of the military vehicles of special purpose, antitank missile systems, and reconnaissance airplanes was held. The parade demonstrated that there is the modernization of the armed forces - the best armament is purchased for the purpose of defence of the sovereignty of the state, emphasizing the service of the might of the national Armed Forces exclusively for the peace. The state makes all-out efforts for the strengthening of defence capability of its Warmed Forces, being the reliable support of the peaceful life and constructive work of the citizens of Turkmenistan.

Precision and beauty of movement of the soldiers and officers, unity of the servicemen rows, unit by unit passing before the tribune, arose a feeling of pride.

The workers of the ministries and departments also took part in the parade.

Украшением of the anniversary parade became the march on the square of the group of horsemen – the military men on akhalteke horses, long since being the rightful participants of the major ceremonies of Turkmen people. Отточенная fancy riding, roundelay of horses – the pride of Turkmenistan, their presence is a sine qua non at every parade. The group of the national horse games “Galkynysh” of Akhalteke horse complex of the President of Turkmenistan demonstrated once again the well-honed skills.

Patriotism, courage, bravery – are the features being in nature of the Turkmen people at all times.

The honoured foreign guests arrived to Ashgabat to share a great joy of the people of Turkmenistan.