Turkmen footballer speaks at FIFA online meeting

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The captain of the national football team of Turkmenistan, player of FC Akhal Arslanmurad Amanov took part in the online meeting of the International Federation of Football Associations (FIFA), dedicated to the future of the football calendar after 2024.

The official website of the Football Federation of Turkmenistan reports.

The meeting, chaired by Arsene Wenger, head of the FIFA department for the development and promotion of football in the world, was attended by over 200 representatives of federations and associations. “There should be no losers in this issue; each of this process should emerge victorious. Why are reforms needed if they do not benefit the football world and each of its representatives? “- said Gianni Infantino - the president of the main football organization, who opened the meeting.

On the agenda of the meeting is the question of the possible organization of the world championships every two years, which currently take place every four years.

Speaking at the meeting, the Turkmen footballer supported Arsene Wenger's proposal to hold the World Championship every two years. According to Amanov, this will provide an opportunity to accumulate the necessary experience not only for the players of the national teams, but also for the younger generation.

Such a possible reform will affect both men's and women's football, as well as competitions among juniors. It should be noted that such consultations by FIFA provide an opportunity for a full survey of opinions on efforts to improve football in general.

Prepared by: Ayjahan Ataballyeva