The IMO Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Turkmenistan holds a competition: “Young Messengers of the World”

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The Institute of International Relations of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Turkmenistan is holding an intellectual competition among high school students "Young Messengers of the World".

The competition will be held with the participation of members of the School of Young Diplomats of the IMO of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the country, as well as all high school students who are not indifferent to the world of diplomacy. Such a vocationally oriented project is aimed at stimulating and supporting schoolchildren who are interested and determined in the choice of the profession of a diplomat.

So, about the upcoming competition and its preliminary selection, according to the results of which the real participants of the "Young Messengers of the World" project will be determined. Students of grades 9-11 of secondary schools in Turkmenistan are invited to participate in it.

The task of young people is to write a scientific and creative essay on one of the following topics: “Diplomacy is my dream”, “Diplomacy is an instrument of peace”, “Why I want to become a diplomat”, “The history of the Turkmen people is an example of peacekeeping diplomacy”. Free choice of an actual topic in a given direction is also welcomed.

The essay should fit into the volume of 5-10 pages of A4 format with a line spacing of 1.5. Works should be sent electronically to the IMO MFA at

The authors participating in the competition must attach to the work a brief information about themselves - full name, autobiography, home address, school number, phone number, information about achievements, interests, hobbies, participation in intellectual, sports Olympiads and other competitions, as well as a 3x4 photo. Works are accepted until the end of October this year.

Authors of the best scientific and creative works will take part in the intellectual competition "Young Messengers of the World". The competition will take place in a special studio of the IMO of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Turkmenistan and will be held in four stages. Round I will take place in the first half of November this year. II, III and IV rounds are scheduled for next year - February, April and May, respectively. In the final V stage - the final of the competition, two winners of each round will perform. So, out of the 8 best participants in four rounds, the winners and prize-winners who took I, II and III places will be named by a decision of the competent jury.

The coveted special cup of the Young Messengers of the World competition awaits the winner. The three best of the best will be awarded diplomas of the corresponding degrees and valuable gifts.

It remains to add that active and multifaceted work is being carried out with the members of the School of Young Diplomats at the IMO of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the country. They are involved and involved in events and activities taking place in the life of the university. Thanks to this, students can acquire certain skills and knowledge at this stage of their pre-university training. And the desire to learn and self-confidence is greatly enhanced by the very atmosphere of the Higher School of Diplomacy - a university where highly qualified specialists in international affairs are trained, called upon in the future to adequately represent and protect the interests of Turkmenistan abroad.

Anastasia Kasyanova