Welcome to the Festival of Science, Innovation and Creativity!

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Welcome to the Festival of Science, Innovation and Creativity!

The Turkmen State Institute of Architecture and Construction invites students of higher and secondary vocational schools, as well as secondary schools of the country, to take part in the Festival of Science, Innovation and Creativity.

The festival will be held at the Institute of Architecture and Construction from 16 to 21 May this year. Representatives of educational institutions of the country with engineering and design skills can participate in the festival individually and as part of teams. The number of team members should not exceed 5 people. The project can be carried out by the participants independently or with the participation of no more than two leaders.

The festival is held in four categories:

- Design and production of models;

- Engineering developments;

- Robotics and artificial intelligence;

- Programming

What do the organizers of the project expect from the participants?

In the field of design and construction, models of various types of water, air, land transport (cars, ships, aircraft), scale models of other vehicles can be offered.

Engineering developments can be presented in the form of various technical installations and structures.

In the third nomination, from the available means in the field of robotics and artificial intelligence - the creation of robots and robotic devices.

In the direction of Programming - these are productive proposals in the field of software, focused on the digitalization of sectors of the economy and the national economy.

The above vehicles, various technical devices and installations must be designed using programs for 3D modeling.

The effectiveness of the projects proposed by the participants will be evaluated according to the following criteria:

- scientific character, clarity and validity of the description;

- degree of independence and complexity of implementation;

- completeness of technical and technological solutions;

- originality and aesthetic description.

Those wishing to take part in the festival can register by filling out the application form and sending it to By May 10, it is also necessary to provide information about projects to this address, which should be accompanied by presentations, videos demonstrating the practical nature of the participants' works proposed for the festival. Based on the materials received, the organizing team will conduct a preliminary analysis of the festival projects.

According to the results of the festival, 5 projects of secondary educational institutions from each velayat and the city of Ashgabat and 3 projects from each university will be named the best. The winners and prize-winners are waiting for diplomas of the corresponding degrees. The best projects of students will be presented to the attention of domestic entrepreneurs, who will consider their prospects for implementation. Particularly distinguished works, which express fresh ideas, original, creative solutions, a deep scientific approach, will be awarded special prizes.

More detailed information and regulations of the festival are available on the official website of the organizing university in the Announcements section.

The festival of science, innovations and creativity is held within the framework of the implementation of the Concept for improving the teaching of subjects in natural and exact sciences in Turkmenistan and the Plan of its activities. The festival is designed to stimulate the creative and scientific activity of young people, develop interest of students in engineering and technical activities and identify the most talented and capable participants.