A new school is being built

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A new school is being built

The construction of a new general education school for 600 students is underway in the city of Dashoguz. It is being erected by specialists of the individual enterprise “Ajaýyp-gurluşyk”.

The new building will become an integral part of the new urban residential area along Shagadam Street. Its total area is three hectares. The two-storey building of the new educational institution, which consists of four blocks, will provide all the conditions for educating a highly educated, physically developed young generation. Now, in different blocks of the new building, the laying of walls and the construction of the necessary reinforced concrete elements, including crossbars and floor slabs of the second floor, various concrete works, and the construction of some technical premises are ongoing.

Like all new preschool institutions built in the region in recent years, the school will fully comply with the high requirements imposed in our country on objects of this purpose. It provides for a modern education system that allows using new technologies to study various school subjects deeper and more comprehensively. The educational process will be based on the wide use of advanced technical teaching aids that contribute to the harmonious and comprehensive development of schoolchildren, their creative potential. At the same time, taking into account the requirements of today, the necessary conditions will be created in the new building for the physical development of students.

Thanks to the state urban planning policy, the main characteristics of the ongoing construction of new residential areas in the country are the high quality of construction work at the facilities under construction, the functionality, reliability and safety of buildings, the creation of comfortable living conditions, rationality, respect for the environment.

Today, the residential area along Shagadam Street is becoming one of the most comfortable residential areas of the city of Dashoguz, with a developed infrastructure. A number of comfortable four-story residential buildings have already been commissioned here, a new large modern health center has been built, a new kindergarten for 240 children is being built. The array has an extensive network of necessary engineering and technical communications; new multi-kilometer power lines, water supply, and sewer networks have been built for it.