Young roboticists took part in competitions

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Young roboticists took part in competitions

In the specialized secondary school No. 97 of the city of Ashgabat, robotics competitions were held among students from different city schools.

For boys and girls who are keen on studying modern technologies, programming and robotics, the technological event has become a real holiday. Here, young designers were able not only to show their talents, but also to learn a lot of new things.

At the competition site, the participants of the competition presented their robots, created specifically for participating in the obstacle race. Each driver of robot car models could feel like a Formula 1 pilot. And the winner of the race of cars made of robotic equipment measuring 20x25 cm and weighing no more than 1.5 kg was Davut Byashimov, an 8th grade student of Ashgabat secondary school No. 129.

The students also competed in the Mars Rover race. No less exciting and interesting was the competition of "robot-artists", which evaluated the accuracy and speed of auto-drawing.

Another fight was the tournament of robots "Automatic Sumo". The task of pushing the opponent's car out of the competition area was before the control models of the "fighters" robots. In this competition, the robot of the 10th grade student of the specialized secondary school No. 97 Arslan Poladov turned out to be the strongest.

In addition to the competitive program, exhibitions, competitions and entertaining games for children were organized as part of an open-air technological event. At the end of the competition, the participants were awarded special prizes.

The younger generation of our country is actively interested in modern technologies. On the basis of specialized schools, circles and sections of robotics are opened, where students learn the basics of programming. In turn, high-level robotic competitions contribute to the expansion of knowledge, the exchange of information and the involvement of children and youth in modern technical creativity.