The priority of the rights of citizens

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The priority of the rights of citizens

In accordance with the dictates of the times, new online services are regularly introduced in the system of the Ministry of Adalat. Recently, websites have been registered and are already operating, which greatly facilitate the receipt of legal services and necessary consultations by the population on various legal issues.

One such website,, has been launched and now provides online services to residents of the most remote areas. New electronic services have allowed citizens to save personal time, as well as speed up the solution of their legal problems.

The new website has a clear explanation of the rules for submitting requests that concern citizens. The problems raised by citizens are of a very different nature, more often they are related to their rights and obligations. In addition, consultations affect the rules and methods of registration of certain legal documents of citizens.

The introduction of online services has largely streamlined the work of specialists, which, in turn, has affected the quality of services provided. There is no need to wait in line, citizens can use online services at any time.

Along with the introduction of new services, twice a month, employees of the Adalat department, the velat prosecutor's office, the court, the bar association and senior officials of the hyakimlik of the Akhal velayat in the building of the hyakimlik of the Ak Bugday etrap receive citizens on issues of concern to them. And here experts give professional advice to citizens, render all possible assistance in solving their pressing problems.

The provision by lawyers of new online services to the population testifies to their desire to be closer to the concerns of citizens, to contribute to the solution of their personal problems with their professional knowledge.

Employees of the Adalat department of the Akhal velayat in their daily activities are strictly guided by the requirements of the provisions of the Law of Turkmenistan “On the Adalat Bodies of Turkmenistan”, constantly working to improve their professional level, including in the development of modern digital technologies.