Ï Briefcase, backpack or knapsack: which bag to choose for study?

Briefcase, backpack or knapsack: which bag to choose for study?

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Briefcase, backpack or knapsack: which bag to choose for study?

The beginning of the school year is approaching, and for many parents the most acute question arises: “How to get the child to school?”.

School fairs opened in Turkmenistan offer a wide range of goods for schoolchildren and students. The most important attribute for students is a portfolio. What should it be? And what is still better to choose - a bag, a backpack or a satchel? About this in our material.

For elementary school students and for those who go to the first grade for the first time, satchels with wide adjustable straps and a shape-stable back are suitable. The product should not hang below the level of the waist. It is desirable that the fit of the school bag is anatomical, so it will correctly distribute the load on the cervical, thoracic and lumbar spine.

In this case, the weight of the satchel without textbooks should not exceed 700 grams. For older children no more than 1 kilogram. The priority is light and durable waterproof materials. It is also worth paying attention to the quality of the locks and the number of branches. At least two large compartments and several additional pockets.

High school students prefer backpacks and bags. Moreover, backpacks are considered more useful due to the even distribution of the load on the shoulder joints. In addition to student supplies - notebooks and textbooks, schoolchildren wear sportswear and lunch boxes to school. A heavy bag can cause pain in the shoulder, back and neck.

Briefcases in a business and laconic style are chosen by students. Boys and girls are guided not only by the functionality of the bag, but also by aesthetics. As a rule, these are briefcases made of genuine leather or leatherette. They have high wear resistance, do not get wet in the rain and never go out of fashion.

Currently, garment factories and private enterprises of Turkmenistan produce backpacks and bags that meet high standards of quality, comfort and reliability. Whatever portfolio parents choose for their child, the main thing is that he likes it.