Ï Improving the trade system: the way to ensure commodity abundance

Improving the trade system: the way to ensure commodity abundance

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The priority tasks set by President Serdar Berdimuhamedov for the trade complex include the development of international trade and economic relations, increasing the production of import-substituting products, strengthening the country's food security, improving trade services provided through a digital system, etc.

Giving targets for the development of the national economic complex for six months of this year at an expanded meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers held on July 8, the President of Turkmenistan noted that in the field of trade, it is necessary to strengthen work to increase the output of consumer products, especially agricultural produce. In this context, taking into account the situation in the global economy, it is necessary to improve the provision of the domestic market with products and other essential goods, the head of state stressed.

In particular, over the six months of this year, the Ministry of Trade and Foreign Economic Relations, compared with the corresponding period last year, the growth rate of trade turnover amounted to 100.3 percent, the indicator for production - 105.6 percent.

Particular attention is paid to the creation of online stores. With the introduction of a digital system in the trade sector, the range of services provided to the population is being improved. In accordance with the “Regulations on distance trading”, a market competitive economy is being formed.

Specialists from the Agzybirlik tilsimaty enterprise, founded by the Computer Technology Center of the Ministry of Trade and Foreign Economic Relations, together with leading Chinese companies Hengsheng Lianhua Investment Management Co. Ltd are involved in the implementation of plans for the digitalization of state trade enterprises in Ashgabat and Tongfang Hongkong Limited.

As reported at the aforementioned expanded meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers, the State Commodity and Raw Materials Exchange held 149 auctions in six months, at which 18,225 contracts were concluded.

Currently, the SCRMET is undergoing transformations aimed at developing foreign economic relations, attracting foreign investment, organizing work in accordance with the requirements of market relations, including expanding the types of exchange services and improving their quality, introducing modern technologies, etc.

In this context, a lot of work is underway to introduce a barcode application system, about tens of thousands of commercial products manufactured by domestic manufacturers have already been given the appropriate marking. The accession of Turkmenistan to the International Organization GS1 (Global Standard One) also reflects the recognition of our country as a reliable and responsible participant in the international trade and economic partnership.

During the aforementioned meeting of the Government, President Serdar Berdimuhamedov also stressed that it is necessary to accelerate work on further development of foreign economic activity, improving foreign trade turnover, and strengthening cooperation with international financial institutions.

An important step in the development of trade and entrepreneurship was the granting of the status of an acceding country (“active observer”) to Turkmenistan in the World Trade Organization (WTO). With the receipt of this status, in accordance with the rules of procedures of the Organization, a Working Group on Turkmenistan's accession to the WTO was established.

In this context in July 2020 Turkmenistan was granted observer status in the WTO, which gave our country the opportunity to be aware of the main activities of the Organization, its rules and the current multilateral trade agenda.

Currently, work continues to expand international trade and economic ties, the development of which is facilitated by the peace-loving policy implemented under the leadership of President Serdar Berdimuhamedov, based on the status of neutrality of Turkmenistan.

The number of trade houses of our country abroad is growing. An example of this is the Joint Stock Limited Liability Company “Trade House of Turkmenistan” in the city of Moscow of the Russian Federation, “Turkmen-Belarusian Trade House” in the Republic of Belarus, “Turkmen-Turkish Trade House” in the city of Istanbul of the Republic of Turkey.

Turkmenistan is known in the international community as a state with great potential in the production of goods and provision of high-quality services under the brand name “Made in Turkmenistan”.

At the meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers held on April 22 this year, President Serdar Berdimuhamedov approved the decision to develop a national brand (label) of the Made in Turkmenistan trademark. As the head of state noted, Turkmen designers should focus on studying best practices in this area in accordance with international standards, including using a digital system.

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry plays an important role in the development of foreign economic relations, the formation of market relations, and the stimulation of business initiative.

At the aforementioned meeting of the Government following the results of six months, President Serdar Berdimuhamedov identified the strengthening of trade relations with foreign countries and, thus, the intensification of the activities of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry among the key requirements.

It should be noted that in accordance with the announced data, the growth rate for the work carried out by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry for January-June amounted to 104.1 percent.

The public catering and hotel business have received great development in Turkmenistan. In this area, the most modern technologies, various forms of service are being actively introduced: restaurants, cafes, canteens, the fast-food system, fitness bars, teahouses, where Turkmen cuisine and cuisines of the peoples of the world are widely represented. As competition grows, the level of service also grows, competitions and festivals are held.

Modern forms and methods of service are being developed, the process of transition to international standards is actively underway both in terms of the technology of organizing the activities of trade institutions and the assortment saturation of counters, which is the best indicator of the economic well-being of the state and serves as a kind of “calling card” of any country.

Thus, the improvement of the activities of trade organizations is designed to further increase the abundance of goods in our country and, thereby, improve the standard of living of the people in the era of the Renaissance of the new era of a powerful state.