Ï The second season of the project “Young Heralds of the World” starts

The second season of the project “Young Heralds of the World” starts

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The second season of the project “Young Heralds of the World” starts

The Institute of International Relations of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Turkmenistan announced the launch of the second season of the intellectual project for high school students of the country “Young Heralds of the World”, organized by the institute and the School of Young Diplomats as part of it.

The general theme of the new season was called “Dialogue is a guarantee of peace: a culture of peace in the diplomatic heritage of the ancient epoch”. The content of the second season will be four games, as a result of which the strongest participants of the intellectual project will meet in the final. Four teams of players will be formed for four games on the basis of competitive selection.

The themes of the upcoming games are known, thanks to which those wishing to take part in them have at their disposal enough time for thorough preparation. The theme of the meeting of the first team of players is: “From Ancient Margush to Parthia: civilizational principles of the art of the world”.

The second game will be devoted to the topic “Ancient China and the civilizations of the Far East: the unifying power of different cultures”. The third will be held on the topic “Cultural and diplomatic heritage of Ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia: lessons of the world for the Near and Middle East”.

The theme of the closing (final) game will be cumulative, the organizers will announce it a little later. High school students of the country's schools who wish to take part in the competition must provide personal information to the organizing committee by October 10, 2022 at the following email address: parahatchylygynchaparlary@gmail.com.

Information about the contestants must include four items: 1. Personal data;  2. Achievements in studies, creativity, competitions;  3. Knowledge of foreign languages;  4. Study interests, extracurricular activities, hobbies, etc.

Candidates for participation in the project will be additionally informed about the timing and dates of the selection test. All necessary information about the competition will be regularly posted on the official website of the IIR of the MFA of the country www.iirmfa.edu.tm.

Remind that the first season of the grandiose intellectual competition lasted for almost the entire past academic year. Within the framework of a career-oriented project, dozens of participants spoke - high school students from all over the country who dream of a career as a diplomat. We also note that the winners of the project, who showed their deep knowledge, talent, abilities, diplomatic qualities at the competition site, joined the ranks of students of the Higher School of Diplomacy in the new academic year.