Ï The works of Turkmen artists are included in the two-volume «Turan Romanticism»

The works of Turkmen artists are included in the two-volume «Turan Romanticism»

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The works of Turkmen artists are included in the two-volume «Turan Romanticism»

As a result of the International Online Exhibition held in the Republic of Kazakhstan in 2022, a two-volume monograph album «Turan Romanticism» was released.

The new edition demonstrates the capabilities of the masters of art of the XXI century, representing Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, Karakalpakstan, Georgia, Germany, Turkey. In total, the album includes 250 creative works by authors from more than 30 countries of the world.

A special genre of fine art - «Turanian romanticism» developed in the culture of Kazakhstan due to the romanticization of the images of the legendary historical figures of the Great Steppe, the glorification of their courage and honor, the idealization of their accomplishments by modern descendants.

In turn, the Turkmen painters who took part in the exhibition turned to the history of the Turkmen people. Being inexhaustible sources for inspiration, the historical heritage of the nation, folk culture, great personalities and exploits of national heroes continue to give rise to masterpieces of fine art in our country.

The works of 25 artists from Turkmenistan were selected to participate in the online exhibition. Among them are paintings by the artists Guncha and Azat Myradovs, Merdan Nurmedov, Zakirjan Babayev, Toyly Chopanov. Graphic artists Dovletgeldi Akyyev, Rahman Rahmanov, as well as sculptors Polad Mamiyev, Amandurdy Jumayev.

Symbolic and abstract quests of painters Polad Garryyev, Mammet Yarmammedov, Charymyrat Yazmyradov, Maral and Myrat Hojagulyyev, Amanmyrat Modyyev and jeweler Shazada Orazberdiyev.

–Participation in this international project of famous Turkmen artists was a particularly joyful event for us, –says Ayjan Kadyrova, head of the department of art history at the State Academy of Arts of Turkmenistan. – The motto of this project is the spiritual and intercultural revival of peoples and countries whose historical roots go back to the distant past. And no matter what trends or genres modern artists turn to, they express their thoughts and feelings, reflecting the eternal themes in art: «Love. Life. The fate of human».