Ï A life dedicated to journalism

A life dedicated to journalism

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A life dedicated to journalism

For many years, in the Turkmen media, readers have been enthusiastically acquainted with publications and photographs signed «Vladimir Komarov». The publications of the journalist Vladimir Mihailovich Komarov were recognized by many readers and work colleagues by the style of writing and by the unusual form of presentation of the material. Unfortunately, it so happened that the other day, after a long illness at the age of 78, the aksakal of Turkmen journalism Vladimir Mihailovich Komarov passed away.

After graduating from school in the middle of the last century, like many of his peers, succumbing to his youthful passion for aviation, he enters the Riga School of Special Civil Aviation Services. After college, he works as a technician in the Department of Civil Aviation and at the same time studies at the evening department of the philological faculty of the Turkmen State University.

But one day it so happened that his other childhood passion for photography helped him find a new profession, which he remained faithful to until the end of his days. Once, as part of a group of Turkmen aviators, he went on a business trip to Ulyanovsk. Upon his return, the leadership of the Office asked the philology student to prepare an article about the trip for the departmental newspaper «Air Route». Vladimir Mihailovich prepared the material not easily, but also illustrated his story with photographs. The guy's abilities were noted in the editorial office and enrolled in the staff of the «Air Route». This is how journalism entered Komarov's life.

Subsequently, interesting essays and reports about pilots, drillers, geologists signed by Komarov drew attention in the leading editorial offices of the newspapers «Turkmen spark», «Komsomolets Turkmenistana», «Evening Ashgabat». And in 1974 he received an offer to become a correspondent for the industry department of the «Evening Ashgabat» newspaper.

Since then, news and achievements in the field of economy, construction and industry of Turkmenistan have become the main topic of interest for journalist Komarov.

In recent years, V. Komarov worked in the editorial office of the electronic newspaper «Turkmenistan: Golden Age», where he worked selflessly, sharing his experience with young employees.

In 2015, for many years of valiant work and high professionalism in covering economic issues, Vladimir Komarov was awarded the honorary title of «Honoured Journalist of Turkmenistan». In addition, V. Komarov is the laureate of the Presidential Prize «Türkmeniň Altyn asyry», as well as the winner of numerous photo contests.

The bright memory of Vladimir Komarov, a brilliant journalist and a wonderful person, will forever remain in our hearts. And his numerous publications and photographs will remain a model of true professionalism in journalism for young employees for a long time to come.

The editorial staff of the electronic newspaper «Turkmenistan: Golden Age»