IE «Parahat» - for the family

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IE «Parahat» - for the family

IE «Parahat» is one of the main producers of juices, baby food, ketchups, sausages for the families of our Motherland.

The company produces juices under the trademarks «JOŞ» and «EÇIL». Juices are produced in different volumes, they do not contain GMOs, artificial colors, preservatives and can please not only children, but also adults with their unique taste.

Baby puree is also produced under the «ÝESERJE» trademark. «ÝESERJE» - a line of delicious, natural products from the «Parahat» company, created specifically for children of preschool and school age. The children's line under the brand name «ÝESERJE» is made from natural fruits that help the child recharge and restore strength. The release of this product is so convenient in its packaging that even despite their small age, small consumers can carry it with them everywhere, whether it's school, kindergarten or a walk with friends.

Juices and purees, preserving the benefits and taste of natural fruits to the maximum, contribute to the healthy development of the child, contain the optimal ratio of vitamins and minerals that are so necessary for the healthy growth and development of children, and bright and colorful packaging will always cheer up the child.

In 2017, a line for the production of ketchups and tomato paste under the «DAT» brand was launched. The product is bottled in a functional and safe Doy Pack, which is easy to use and store.

Currently, work is underway to develop and produce products for the smallest - these are milk porridges with the addition of cereals.