Ï Labor successes of the Balkan enterprise "Guwlyduz"

Labor successes of the Balkan enterprise "Guwlyduz"

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Labor successes of the Balkan enterprise "Guwlyduz"

Providing the country's population with iodized table salt and at the same time providing the national economy with technical salt widely used in various industries is the main task of the workers and specialists of the “Guwlyduz” enterprise in Turkmenbashi etrap, Balkan velayat.

In the past year, the company has achieved high results, fulfilling its obligations properly.

Specifically, during this period, 96,480 tons of salt were collected for industrial processing, the work plan was completed by 103,7 percent.

The total amount of produced salt was about 85 thousand 760 tons. This is 4,760 tons more than planned.

Last year, the total amount of table salt packaged by the enterprise amounted to about 31,432 tons.

Table salt was produced by more than 11 thousand 430 tons more than planned.

These days, specialists of enterprises are working hard to achieve high production rates in the first month of the new year.