Ï Expanded list of inhabitants

Expanded list of inhabitants

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Expanded list of inhabitants

New species of invertebrates are included in the list of inhabitants of the «Gaplangyr» State Nature Reserve. This became possible as a result of many years of scientific and analytical work and field trips of the institution's specialists in 2019-2022 to study the current state and biodiversity of the area. The amazing landscape of the territory of the northern region of the country, on which part of the desert and plateau are located, several large reservoirs, tugay thickets, environmental activities contribute to the consistent expansion of the species composition of the fauna of the reserve.

Thus, the woodlice of Réaumur, side-walker spiders and orb-weaver spiders, the wolf spider and the jumping spider, the Gobi dragonfly from the family of the buttercup of the suborder Homoptera, the horn-winged empusa, the famous swallowtail butterfly, are now included in the number of inhabitants of these places.

The fauna of the «Gaplangyr» Reserve is represented by many species of mammals, birds, reptiles and fish, arachnids, and mollusks. The employees of the reserve are constantly monitoring them, which contributes to the further improvement of the management of the reserve, the protection of its flora and fauna, including the «Red Book» and endemic species. The specialists of the reserve are working to study and preserve the genetic fund of the animal and plant world, to maintain the entire local ecosystem in a natural state, to develop scientifically based methods of environmental protection, and to carry out environmental education.