Ï New highly qualified personnel will strengthen the scientific potential of Turkmenistan

New highly qualified personnel will strengthen the scientific potential of Turkmenistan

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New highly qualified personnel will strengthen the scientific potential of Turkmenistan

In accordance with the state programs for the development of science in Turkmenistan, comprehensive work is being carried out to form an efficient and cost-effective digital scientific system based on advanced technologies, designed to make a significant contribution to the socio-economic progress of the country.

The key condition for solving the responsible tasks that President Serdar Berdimuhamedov sets for Turkmen science is the training of highly qualified scientists.

The leading and coordinating role in this is played by the Academy of Sciences of Turkmenistan, which recently defended candidate and doctoral dissertations. Several dozen applicants for Ph. Candidate and Ph.D. degrees presented the results of their research in priority scientific areas. Dissertators represent not only the Academy of Sciences and its research institutes, but also almost all the country's leading universities, ministries and various organizations, which indicates the strengthening of the scientific foundations of their activities, as well as the growing integration of science, education and production.

Doctoral dissertations were defended in the following specialties: inorganic chemistry, development and exploitation of oil and gas fields; differential equations, dynamical systems and optimal control; theory and history of art; archeology; parasitology; veterinary medicine; surgery; dentistry and otolaryngology. Their authors, among whom are already well-known scientists and specialists in the country, will become doctors of chemical, technical, physical and mathematical, veterinary and medical sciences. Reputable scientists with many years of scientific experience acted as opponents at the defense.

A wide range of scientific areas and specialties cover Ph.D. dissertations on topical issues of economics and management of the national economy, chemistry, philology, philosophy, art history, criminal law and criminology, psychology and pedagogy, ethnography, ethnology and anthropology, medicine, technical and geological and mineralogical sciences. A characteristic feature of most of these works is the combination of a scientific approach to the topic under consideration with the study of the possibilities of practical use of the results obtained.

This is evidenced by the titles of such dissertations as «Directions of adaptation of the labour market to the multifaceted development of the economy in Turkmenistan», «Creation of an automatic system that reduces corrosion of gas treatment facilities», «Main directions of urban industrialization on an innovative basis», «The significance and place of foreign investment in the international relations of Turkmenistan», «Development of information technology for the study by transport enterprises of the issues of servicing the population» and others. Several dissertations are devoted to the study of various aspects of the national heritage and its educational potential.