The 1st International Scientific Forum with the participation of young scientists was held in the Turkmen capital

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The 1st International Scientific Forum with the participation of young scientists was held in the Turkmen capital

The Institute of Telecommunications and Informatics of Turkmenistan hosted the 1st International Scientific Forum «Scientific steps of young scientists in the digitalization of the economy».

The forum was attended by representatives of the fields of science and education from around the world - experts, scientists, specialists from domestic and foreign universities, major scientific centers, research institutes. The main participants of the event were young scientists from Turkmenistan and foreign countries - students, undergraduates, graduate students of higher educational institutions, novice teachers.

In general, representatives of about two dozen countries of the world - Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkey, Romania, Belgium, Germany, Vietnam, USA, France, Spain, etc. gathered at the forum. Representatives of foreign countries participated in the event in an online format.

The International Scientific Forum was opened by the Deputy Minister of Education of Turkmenistan Azat Atayev, addressing the participants of the meeting with greetings and wishes for fruitful joint work for the benefit of the further development and prosperity of science and education, international cooperation in this field.

As part of the plenary session, the rector of the Institute of Telecommunications and Informatics of Turkmenistan Nurnepes Kuliyev, the head of the Ashgabat Centre of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe John McGregor, the director of the UNESCO Institute for Information Technologies in Education Tao Zhan, the vice-rector of the Siberian State University of Science and Technology named after Academician M.F. Reshetnev Vladimir Kureshov, Vice-Rector of the Belarusian State Academy of Telecommunications Vasily Dubrovsky and other participants.

Further, the International Forum continued its work in three thematic sections, during which the floor was given to young scientists. The meeting of the first section was devoted to the issues of ensuring information security in the digital economy. Among the topics of presentations by its participants are «Protecting SQL Server from SQL Injection Attacks», «Designing Security Systems Using Neural Networks», «Cryptocrimes and Combating Them», «Using QR Codes to Encrypt Data» and others.

The topic of digitalization and information and communication technologies formed the basis of the reports of the participants in the second section. There were such topics as the effectiveness of the digitalization of the education system; Application of databases in the field of medicine; Digitalization of small and medium business as a method of its support; Digital technologies in the construction industry, etc.

Automation of production in the digital economy became the topic of the third section of the forum. The reports dealt with the electronic industry as a new direction in the national economy; the importance of using digital technologies in the automotive industry; automated mail sorting system and much more.

The presentations spoke in detail about scientific projects, developments, and studies of novice specialists related to the introduction of the digital economy and designed to create comfortable conditions for life and work, save valuable time, accelerate the pace and significantly increase production volumes, etc. In a word, the forum widely and vividly demonstrated the potential and aspirations of young, talented and enterprising researchers to make their worthy contribution to the successful development of the state and society in the current conditions of global digitalization of the economy in the countries of the world. In general, about 250 reports by young scientists from Turkmenistan and abroad were heard at the site of the international scientific event.

With great interest, the forum participants got acquainted that day with the exhibition of innovative projects of young scientists, which unfolded in the foyer of the Institute of Telecommunications and Informatics of Turkmenistan. The thematic exposition presented the works of novice scientists in the field of digital economy, information and communication technologies, programming, information security, and production automation.

In conclusion, the organizers of the event expressed confidence that the forum will contribute to the development of the scientific potential of young scientists, increase their scientific and innovative activity, attract young people to solve urgent scientific, technical and technological problems, expand and strengthen cooperation in the field of science in order to exchange information, best practices and achievements, including with the advice of young scientists from universities around the world.