Ï ES "Ýigit" received the certificate of GLOBAL G.A.P.

ES "Ýigit" received the certificate of GLOBAL G.A.P.

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ES "Ýigit" received the certificate of GLOBAL G.A.P.

The economic society "Ýigit", which is part of the Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs of Turkmenistan, was the first in the country to come up with the initiative "GLOBAL G.A.P." and received a certificate (Good Agricultural Practice - GAP).

This is a globally recognized system of standards that ensures the safety of agricultural products and confirms compliance with technical and quality requirements.

The goal of the internationally recognized system of standards "GLOBAL G.A.P." is to ensure food safety, protect the health and safety of workers, protect the environment.

Obtaining this certificate not only evaluates the quality of the final product, but also extends to the entire production process.

Ýigit, in cooperation with the consultants Standard Hyzmat, was the first to receive the GLOBAL G.A.P. certificate, confirming the high quality of its products and the high level of food safety.

The economic company "Ýigit" grows tomatoes under the brand name "Mahmal".

This season it is planned to harvest about 18 thousand tons of tomatoes.

From October last year to the present, more than 7 thousand tons of tomatoes under the Mahmal trademark have been sent to the Russian Federation and the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The presence of this certificate indicates the competitiveness of the Economic Society "Ýigit", with world-class manufacturers.