Ï Anniversary forum of the UIET takes place in Ashgabat

Anniversary forum of the UIET takes place in Ashgabat

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Anniversary forum of the UIET takes place in Ashgabat

Today, an exhibition of the Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs, timed to coincide with the 15th anniversary of this large public organization, has opened in the capital. A conference was also organized as part of it.

Established in 2008, the Union currently unites more than 28 thousand representatives of domestic private business and carries out large-scale work to develop the non-state sector of the economy, support entrepreneurial initiatives and create a modern business infrastructure.

The festive atmosphere was enhanced by performances given by creative teams. More than 200 exhibitors present their stands in the exhibition hall of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry. These include structural subdivisions and regional branches of UIET, private enterprises and business entities specializing in agriculture, food and processing industries, construction, production of building materials and electrical equipment, household appliances, as well as in trade, education, social services, transport and logistics, folk crafts, etc. Particular emphasis is placed on demonstrating the achievements of UIET in dealing with the problems of producing import-substituting and export-oriented products.

The share of private property in the structure of the national economy is increasing every year as a result of state support provided to encourage the activity of the business sector of the economy. With the effective formation of public-private partnership in the country, the number of modern industries, joint ventures and joint-stock companies based on private property is constantly increasing. UIET members actively participate in the privatization of state property.

Traditionally, the activities of UIET members specializing in the field of agro-industrial complex, food and processing industries are widely represented at the exhibition. Entrepreneurs not only contribute to strengthening the food independence of the state, but they also strive to achieve their goal to turn Turkmenistan into a country with a powerful export-oriented economy.

The exhibitors include large agricultural enterprises, production and processing complexes for poultry farming, livestock breeding and fish farming, and processing vegetables, watermelons, melons, guards and fruits.

Entrepreneurs have accumulated solid experience in greenhouse cultivation of fruits and vegetables, in particular, tomatoes, which have a large share in the country’s food exports. A striking illustration in this regard is the environmentally friendly and attractive products demonstrated in the exhibition pavilions.

In addition, the exposition includes products of various brands, natural vegetable and fruit juices, nectars and drinks, and pure drinking water. On the basis of environmentally friendly local raw materials, the production of baby food, fruit and vegetable concentrates, juices, mayonnaise, ice cream, canned products related to the premium class, as well as fish delicacies, yogurt, sausages, various snack products has been launched.

The exhibits provide an opportunity to get an idea of the scale of domestic industrial production. Today, UIET members are also involved in work in new sectors of the economy, including the development of minerals, constituting the wealth of our land and its subsoil, using modern technologies.

It should also be noted that domestic IT enterprises have created electronic portals and digital systems for secondary and higher education, online libraries and archives. They offer services in business video conferencing, digital management and cyber security, and implementation of smart home and smart city concepts.

Traditionally, the construction activities of entrepreneurs are widely demonstrated at the exhibition. UIET members are building residential areas, cottage complexes, park areas, administrative and business districts, large-scale infrastructure and industrial facilities in the capital and velayats.

Along with this, the exhibition presents the successes of private companies in the provision of transport and logistics services. This area is of particular importance in view of the implementation by Turkmenistan of large-scale international projects in this area.

A number of exhibitors demonstrate the capabilities of the non-state sector of the economy in increasing the production of a wide range of consumer goods. Among them are enterprises of the furniture complex, as well as manufacturers of household chemicals, modern clothing, fabrics, fashion shoes and other products in demand.

Traditionally, various carpets and carpeting, original in color solution, are widely presented at the current show. These products, most of which are made from local raw materials-based polypropylene yarn, are in high demand not only in our country, but also abroad. Moreover, a digital system is used in its implementation.

A wonderful gift for the visitors of the exhibition was a fashion show from private fashion houses that presented models of spring-summer collections, characterized by an original approach to creating clothes in the national style.

The exhibition on the occasion of the 15th anniversary of UIET will continue its work for a week. On March 23, the closing ceremony and the presentation of diplomas to the sectoral show participants will be held.