Balkanabat enterprise expands pharmaceutical production

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Balkanabat enterprise expands pharmaceutical production

The production of medicinal ointments is effectively carried out at the regional enterprises of the Ministry of Health care and Medical Industry of Turkmenistan. One of such enterprises is the center of therapeutic clay and sea salt in the city of Jebel (Balkan region).

The specialists of this enterprise have achieved great success in the production of therapeutic clay and sea salt since its first day of work - October 7th, 2014. The company plans to produce 400,000 packages of medical and cosmetic products annually, including 200,000 packages of Mollagara healing clay, 100,000 packages of volcanic clay and sea salt.

The enterprise has three main departments: clay cleaning department, sea salt packaging department and quality control department, which are well organized. It uses advanced equipment of various kinds imported from Italy, Turkey, Japan, Belgium and France.

Lake Mollagara is known not only in our country, but throughout the world due to its mud. In recent years, the cosmetic properties of Mollagara healing clay have been studied and it has been found that it has a beneficial effect on the skin. It helps to regenerate cells and strengthen the skin, accelerate subcutaneous circulation, delay the aging process of the skin, cleanse the skin and treat it.

The clay of unique volcanoes located in the Esenguly etrap of Balkan velayat also has high healing properties. Volcanic clay contains many valuable elements that are widely used in cosmetology, medicine and the treatment of skin, cardiovascular and intestinal diseases, as well as infertility.

Natural clay is cleaned at the enterprise from large stones and other impurities using a special sieve. It is pumped into the reactor, mixed with purified water in the required ratio and sent to the packaging line.

The production capacity of the plant is 600 bottles of finished products per hour.

In the packaging department, sea salt is first crushed to the desired size, then cleaned of stones, metals and other impurities in a special sieve using a magnet. Part of this purified salt is converted into a tablet form using a special press. Various herbs are added to the tablets, which are given medicinal properties.

– We regularly send products prepared by us with the inscription “Made in Turkmenistan” to sanatoriums, health centers, hospitals, health resorts of the country. We plan to send our products to foreign consumers in the near future, - said the head of the enterprise Wizirmammet Kadyrov.