Museum of the city of Arkadag will tell about the history and culture of Ahal

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Museum of the city of Arkadag will tell about the history and culture of Ahal

In the city of Arkadag, work is underway to complete the exposition of the new museum of the Ahal velayat, which, along with exhibits from other halls, will widely present the historical and archaeological values of the national heritage.

According to specialists working on the selection, restoration and preparation of exhibits, the museum's collection will reflect all periods of the historical development of Ahal, on the territory of which there are world-famous monuments of antiquity, the Bronze and Iron Ages, the Neolithic and Eneolithic, the Middle Ages, etc.

These are the Parthian fortresses of Nisa, included in the UNESCO World Heritage List, Namazga-depe - the largest monument of the Eneolithic epoch in Southern Turkmenistan, Altyndepe with cultural layers of the Bronze Age, Neolithic and Eneolithic, where unique archaeological finds were discovered, in particular, a golden head of a bull with with a turquoise sickle inlaid in the forehead, Goksurdepe, known for its ceramics with two-colour painting and many female terracotta figurines, as well as Karadepe, Ulugdepe, Old Serakhs, Abiverd and others. On the land of Ahal, 7-8 thousand years ago, the Jeytun settled agricultural culture was born, which, as scientists have established, was the first in Central Asia. In the rich necklace of these historical and cultural monuments, the central place in the exposition will be given to the Parthian kingdom. Several showcases will display unique cultural treasures, as well as reconstructions of a Parthian warrior and a Parthian woman in traditional dress.

The archaeological finds discovered during the excavations tell about the history, material and spiritual culture of the people living in the territory of Turkmenistan. Museum visitors will be able to get acquainted with ancient bone and copper products, ornamented ceramic vessels, terracotta figurines, figurines of ancient goddesses, bronze seals and silver jewellery, grain grinders, ritual items and many other artifacts.

Scientists from the Institute of History and Archeology of the Academy of Sciences of Turkmenistan, specialists from the Mary Museum of Local History and other museums of the country, teachers and students of the Turkmen State Institute of Culture, where the Department of «Restoration of Cultural Property» has been operating since 2006, are involved in the preparation of the historical and archaeological exposition of the Ahal Museum.