Ï IE "Parahat" expanded the range of chocolate "ÝEGANA"

IE "Parahat" expanded the range of chocolate "ÝEGANA"

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IE "Parahat" expanded the range of chocolate "ÝEGANA"

For lovers of quality craft chocolate, individual enterprise "Parahat" has developed and presented to the market new chocolate products, namely the chocolate bars decorated with nuts under the brand name "ÝEGANA".

There are two kinds of bars: milk chocolate, decorated with crushed hazelnuts and almonds, and white chocolate, decorated with crushed pistachios, cranberries and waffle crumbs.

At the end of last year, the company expanded the range of the "ÝEGANA" line by releasing chocolate dragees. It contains such elements as hazelnut dragees, pistachio dragees, and "airy" rice dragees.

Today, the company is working on an additional expansion of the "ÝEGANA" line. For those who appreciate the sweet, delicate milk taste, "Parahat" has prepared a new product - "Hazelnut chocolate paste" under the brand "YESERJE", which is already familiar to everyone. This paste will not leave anyone indifferent. The production technology allows to preserve the unique flavor of nuts.

Consumers have already appreciated the new product, and the company has also decided to please the smallest sweet tooth by developing another product under the brand "YESERJE". Hazelnut chocolate paste with breadsticks for kids has been on the market since January of this year.

A bright advertising character and colorful packaging have become a recognizable trademark of the new product.