Ï Turkmenistan – Türkiye: towards expanding trade and economic partnership

Turkmenistan – Türkiye: towards expanding trade and economic partnership

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Turkmenistan – Türkiye: towards expanding trade and economic partnership
Meretdurdy Rozyyev

Today, the Turkmen-Turkish business forum was held in the capital of Turkmenistan, the main topic of which was the intensification of bilateral partnership in the context of long-term plans for the future.

Opening the meeting, its participants noted the significance of this event in the context of progressively developing bilateral relations, which in recent years have received new qualitative content and powerful dynamics. As emphasized, it was precisely such business meetings that proved to be the most effective mechanism for promoting economic cooperation, as evidenced by the significantly increased volume of trade turnover between the two countries.

The speakers emphasized that the agreements reached to date open up new opportunities for expanding and deepening the traditional partnership, built on a mutually beneficial and, most importantly, long-term basis.

Turkmenistan and Türkiye are steadily increasing the experience and potential of their interaction. In recent years, large joint projects in leading areas of the national economy have been implemented and are being successfully implemented with the participation of Turkish companies. Noting the high interest in establishing full-scale cooperation with Turkmenistan, which enjoys high international prestige as an exceptionally promising and reliable partner, the heads of Turkish companies announced their intention to continue to take an active part in investment projects initiated by the Turkmen leader aimed at further socio-economic development of Turkmenistan.

The speeches of the Turkmen side spoke about economic growth and achievements of independent neutral Turkmenistan, promising areas of cooperation taking into account the priorities of state development. As emphasized, the indicators characterizing the state of the economy of Turkmenistan are very favorable, with a strong tendency to systematically increase their rating. The high potential for economic development allows us to consistently and purposefully implement large-scale reforms in the oil and gas, transport, construction, chemical, energy and other sectors of the economy, as well as in the social sphere. This, of course, contributes to achieving the set goals of accelerating the industrialization of the Turkmen economy, strengthening the position of Turkmenistan in the system of world economic relations, as a powerful state with a high standard of living of the population.

Carrying out large-scale reforms, implementing investment projects, using international experience and advanced technologies in all areas and industries - all this generally allows us to ensure high rates of development of the national economy. A good incentive for fruitful collaboration is the comprehensive reform ongoing in the country, including in the legislative sphere, the development of new laws that provide significant benefits and government guarantees for the work of foreign businessmen.

During the interested exchange of views, the speakers spoke out for the comprehensive deepening of bilateral contacts and positively assessed their prospects.

On the sidelines of the current business forum, documents were signed that provide real opportunities to take a new important step towards strengthening cooperation and realizing the existing partnership potential.

A more specific discussion of joint projects and further areas of interaction took place during bilateral meetings of representatives of line ministries and departments of Turkmenistan, the Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs of our country with their Turkish colleagues.