Ï Labour success of Lebap rice farmers

Labour success of Lebap rice farmers

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Labour success of Lebap rice farmers

The workers of the eastern region fulfilled their contractual obligations to deliver rice.

10,200 hectares of area were sown with food crops. Having received about 48 centners of harvest from each hectare, the farmers of Lebap velayat delivered more than 47,810 tons of rice to the country's granaries.

Careful selection of areas for sowing and compliance with agricultural technology standards during agricultural work contributed to obtaining such a generous harvest.

Rice farmers of the Charjow etrap made their worthy contribution to this matter. This season, from 3 thousand 80 hectares, they collected 15,169 tons of crop, or 49.25 centners per hectare and fulfilled the plan by 105.98 percent.

The farmers of the Danev etrap also achieved good results. From 2,160 hectares they managed to obtain 10,107 tons of crop. Rice farmers of Koytendag, Kerki, Halach and Hojambaz etrap also distinguished themselves, who also exceeded their contractual obligations.

The impressive success of Lebap rice farmers testifies to their hard work and high organizational level of work carried out