Ï New features of the capital of Dashoguz velayat

New features of the capital of Dashoguz velayat

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New features of the capital of Dashoguz velayat

The capital of Dashoguz velayat is acquiring increasingly modern features. Due to consistent comprehensive measures, its architectural and artistic appearance is improving, and the city's territory is becoming more landscaped and beautiful.

Along with other factors, attention is also paid here to the selection of elements of street decoration and outdoor advertising. Recently, new modern-generation electronic street monitors have appeared here.

Four such new colorful information carriers were installed by specialists of the individual enterprise "Ýyldyrymlar mahabaty" in the central part of the city, including at the intersection of Gurbansoltan-Eje Street with Saparmyrat Turkmenbashi and Magtymguly avenues.

The large size of their LED screens ensures ease of perception of texts and images for passersby. It is worth noting that LED is considered the most optimal technology for use as an advertising display medium.

Specialists of this private structure, dealing with advertising attributes, are also working on placing various information and advertising panels and signs in the city, installing lighting systems such as lighted inscriptions.

Various electronic boards and monitors were installed years ago on the facades of some administrative buildings and stadiums in the city, above the most significant and busy streets.

Such work, along with the consistent greening of city streets, creating beautiful landscaping in residential areas and others, are just part of the activities to ensure the local population's comfortable living, creating a healthy and favorable urban environment, and unifying the architectural and aesthetic appearance of the region's administrative center into a single concept.