Ï Festival "Hopes of a Green Future"

Festival "Hopes of a Green Future"

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Festival "Hopes of a Green Future"

The "Young Naturalist" public organization and the joint Turkmen-Turkish school, with the support of the Turkish Embassy in Turkmenistan, will hold the " Hopes of a Green Future " festival on April 23. 

The event is organized in honor of International Day of Zero Waste and Children's Day in Turkey. The main goal of the festival is to promote environmental awareness among the younger generation by advocating for responsible treatment of the environment, reducing waste, and demonstrating the possibilities and practical skills of material reuse. 

An exciting program has been prepared for the event, which will take place at the Joint Turkmen-Turkish School. It includes children's games and entertainment, an eco-quest, an exhibition and competition of crafts made from recycled materials and a waste recycling workshop. 

Participants can expect a clown, inflatable playground, cotton candy, folk dances, a magician, children's songs and much more. During the eco-quest, children will embark on a journey to learn about the importance of responsible treatment of nature and the consequences of human actions. 

The exhibition and competition of crafts made from recycled materials will showcase unique creations made by children from unwanted materials. The waste recycling workshop will share simple and effective methods of waste recycling that can be used at home.

The festival organizers invite everyone to participate in these events to enrich their knowledge of the importance of protecting the environment, share the fun and joy of creativity.