Ï People’s Prosperity is a Priority of State Policy

People’s Prosperity is a Priority of State Policy

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People’s Prosperity is a Priority of State Policy

The solemn opening of the Maternal and Child Health Center of Mary velayat after a radical reconstruction took place today in the administrative center of this south-eastern region of the country.

The ceremony was held with the participation of Deputy Chairmen of the Cabinet of Ministers of Turkmenistan, heads of relevant structures and numerous guests – honorary elders and gray-haired mothers, healthcare workers, representatives of public organizations and the media.

The commissioning of an updated medical center, equipped with advanced equipment from the world’s leading manufacturers, was another indicator that the health of people in our country has been and remains the highest value of society and the state, and ensuring the happiness and well-being of citizens is an absolute priority of socially oriented policy, the main principle of which is “The State is for the People!”

The high level of health care achieved in recent years is rightfully recognized as one of the most significant achievements of the sovereign Homeland.

In the era of the Revival of the new epoch of the powerful state, within the framework of the Saglyk State Program, adopted on the initiative of the National Leader of the Turkmen people Hero-Arkadag and successfully implemented under the leadership of President Serdar Berdimuhamedov, radical reforms are being successfully carried out in the domestic healthcare system.

Innovative technologies are being actively introduced, the best world experience and achievements are being adopted, the industry infrastructure is being modernized, modern healthcare institutions are being reconstructed and built, many of which have no analogues in the Central Asian region. All this directly contributes to providing the population with quality medical services in accordance with high international standards, allowing for early diagnosis and effective treatment of both common and rare diseases.

Taking the most responsible approach to ensuring the harmonious development of the younger generation, our state attaches special importance to the protection of motherhood and childhood, creating all the conditions for restoring and strengthening health, reducing the incidence of children, with whom the brightest hopes for the future have been associated since time immemorial.

A characteristic national feature of the Turkmen people – to give their children all the best, surround them with all possible love and fatherly care is clearly manifested in modern Turkmen society, determining its social and spiritual health.

A clear indication of the effectiveness of the work carried out in this direction was the participation in today’s grand opening of the Maternal and Child Health Center of Mary velayat of recovered young Turkmen citizens who underwent treatment at the expense of the Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov Charitable Foundation for Assistance to Children in Need of Care.

Happy children and their parents in their speeches expressed immeasurable gratitude to the National Leader of the Turkmen people and President Serdar Berdimuhamedov for the restored health and the acquired full, full of joy, life, as well as the grandiose work carried out in the interests of the state and native people.

These children were presented with gifts on behalf of the head of state.

Created in March 2021 on the initiative of Hero-Arkadag, today the Charitable Foundation carries out a lot of fruitful work, which allows children in need of care to really feel the comprehensive care shown to them by the state.

Regular practice includes the allocation of funds for various operations for children in need of care in medical institutions of the capital and velayats of the country, necessary treatment and diagnostic procedures for various diseases, as well as payment of expenses for the purchase of equipment and medical supplies for young Turkmen citizens who are being educated and trained in orphanages and boarding schools.

Thanks to the support and efforts of Hero-Arkadag and Arkadagly Serdar, the Foundation’s board has carried out many charitable events during this time.

In accordance with the noble principles of humanism inherent in the Turkmen people, humanitarian assistance was also provided to children who suffered during the earthquake in Türkiye and Afghanistan, from floods in the Primorsky Territory of the Russian Federation, as well as Ukraine and Palestine.

In the summer of 2021, pediatric departments of hospitals in etraps and velayat cities of the country were allocated new, modern ambulances equipped with the necessary apparatus, which are now put into service to the people.

The children’s hospital of Mary velayat was donated a device for artificial lung ventilation of the Savina brand.

A gift to the renovated Maternal and Child Health Center of Mary velayat, which opened today, from the Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov Charitable Foundation for Assistance to Children in Need of Care was two Dialog+ hemodialysis machines (artificial kidney) from the well-known manufacturing company B.Braun (Germany), allowing to improve the quality of life and extend the life expectancy of patients suffering from chronic renal failure by purifying the blood.

The emergence of a new modern medical center, equipped with advanced, innovative equipment, became possible thanks to socially oriented state policy and adopted health care programs, in particular, the national strategy “Healthy mother – Healthy Child – Healthy Future” for 2021–2025.

The completely renovated center consists of two separate buildings – for mothers and children.

The building for providing medical care to women has a capacity of 200 beds and includes a maternity ward, a department of pathology for pregnant women, and a gynecological department.

The children’s building has a capacity of 260 beds. The spacious building compactly houses the following departments: pathology of newborns, for young children, nephrology, neurology, school-age children, and rheumatic cardiology.

Each building has its own reception, consultation and diagnostic, anesthesiology and intensive care departments, and a clinical laboratory. The equipment of these departments allows for the necessary examination and treatment of patients at a high level.

Thus, the consultative and diagnostic department has installed modern high-tech medical equipment for ultrasound, colposcopic examination, X-ray fluorography, electrocardiography, echocardiography, electroencephalography, fibrogastroscopy, computed tomography, with the help of which it is possible to quickly determine normal indicators and changes in the body of the mother and child, diagnose accurate diagnosis, prescribe modern treatment and, if necessary, refer for inpatient or outpatient treatment, as well as monitor patient treatment results.

In addition, the department has physiotherapy and exercise therapy rooms, where additional treatment methods have their beneficial effects.

The laboratory is also equipped with the latest equipment, which includes world-renowned advanced medical laboratory system technologies.

This department conducts all types of laboratory studies that reflect the structural and functional state of the vital organs and systems of the human body.

The examination is carried out in accordance with international standards.

One of the main departments of the Maternal and Child Health Center is the maternity ward. Designed for 100 beds, it consists of 15 maternity rooms equipped with all the necessary equipment to provide specialized obstetric care.

Single and double inpatient wards of the center’s departments are equipped with modern technologies. Each ward has separate sanitary facilities, a staff call system, and a centralized oxygen supply.

The hospital has an administrative department, a conference room for meetings, consultations and online conferences for 120 and 100 beds, canteen for patients and staff, modern parking, laundry and disinfection unit.

A training center has been created at the center to improve the level of education of family doctors, nurses, and specialized specialists.

As part of the solemn ceremony on the occasion of the commissioning of the Maternal and Child Health Center of Mary velayat, healthcare workers and medical staff of the center expressed sincere gratitude to the National Leader of the Turkmen people, Hero-Arkadag, and President Serdar Berdimuhamedov for their utmost care for the younger generation and the systematic modernization of material and technical facilities. Base of domestic medicine, addressing them wishes of good health and success in multifaceted activities for the benefit of the country and people.

As noted, in response to the care shown, medical workers will continue to work tirelessly, applying all their strength, knowledge and experience in the name of preserving and strengthening the greatest wealth of our sovereign Homeland – people’s health.

Specialized vehicles were donated as a gift to the newly opened Center, designed to render high-quality services to the population of the velayat and thereby make a worthy contribution to ensuring a happy future for the country.