Ï The opera «Pagliacci» gave the world the catchphrase - «Fenita la comedy»

The opera «Pagliacci» gave the world the catchphrase - «Fenita la comedy»

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The opera «Pagliacci» gave the world the catchphrase - «Fenita la comedy»
Alexey Gimalitdinov

    An extraordinary event took place in the Great Hall of the Turkmen National Conservatory named after M. Kulyyeva - a screening of Ruggero Leoncovallo’s opera «Pagliacci». Singers and musicians from among students and teachers actively participate in opera productions, which are staged annually at the National Music and Drama Theatre named after Magtymguly. But within the walls of the conservatory, staging an opera is a rather rare occurrence.

And, nevertheless, People's Artist of Turkmenistan Atajan Berdiyev and Yekaterina Darchia dared to take such a step, choosing to stage a dramatic story from the life of Italian traveling comedians. The idea for this production belongs to Atajan Berdiyev, who, as it turned out, had been nurturing it for many years, seeing himself in the main character Canio. It would seem that a lyric tenor with the appearance of Atajan Berdiyev is suitable for positive or romantic roles, and suddenly - the crazy jealous Canio! However, in life, as in opera, not such collisions occur.

Teacher Jennet Mekanova was invited to play the role of Nedda. This choice was a great success, because with her artistry and improvisation she raised the production to the highest level. Nedda was completely suitable for the role of a proud Italian artist, who was tired of both the wandering lifestyle of wandering comedians and her insanely jealous husband. Therefore, when Silvio invited her to unite their destinies, she agreed without hesitation.

The climax of the opera was the play of the traveling actors, which they performed for the peasants of Montalto. The audience had difficulty distinguishing between art and life. And only when Canio dealt with his wife and her lover did everything become clear. «Fenita la comedy»! Canio exclaimed, after which this phrase became a catchphrase for centuries.

The opera was staged in a new spirit. Most of the members of the conservatory choir, who acted as extras, were dressed in modern fashion. Some episodes have been added to the libretto. There was almost no decoration.

The audience greeted the opera «Pagliacci» very warmly. With unanimous applause, the audience did not let all the high-vocal participants leave the stage for a long time, who managed to make an indelible impression on the audience.