Ï The sun of Italy in the landscapes of Izzat Gylyjov

The sun of Italy in the landscapes of Izzat Gylyjov

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The sun of Italy in the landscapes of Izzat Gylyjov
Vyacheslav Sarkisyan

The State Museum of Fine Arts has opened an exhibition of works by Izzat Gylyjov, the People's Artist of Turkmenistan, depicting the impressions of the master of Turkmen painting from his visits to Italy.

The idea for this exhibition belonged to Luigi Ferrari, Ambassador of Italy to Turkmenistan.

It arose as soon as he learned that the outstanding Turkmen artist had twice been on creative trips to Italy, and his daughters' family archive contained 38 paintings and 15 sketches on this theme.

At the ceremonial opening of the exhibition, the Italian Ambassador expressed heartfelt gratitude to the government of our country and all those who participated in the realization of this project, and especially to the artist's daughter, Maral Gylyjova.

This event, the Ambassador noted, will serve to strengthen the friendly and cultural ties between our countries. Izzat Nazarovich first visited Italy in 1969.

The sun, air, ancient architecture turning cities into museums - all this had an incredible effect on the 46-year-old Turkmen artist.

The realistic direction in art was considered the only correct direction in the Soviet Union, but here feelings took precedence over reality, changing the need for self-expression. And the coryphaeus of Turkmen painting felt the mood of the previous expressionist artists through his brushstrokes and paints.

In his life, Izzat Nazarovich was fortunate to visit many countries of the world, but none of them left as much delight in his heart as Italy. 11 years later, he again traveled to Italian cities - Rome, Naples, Venice, Florence...And again he was imbued with the same emotions. Izzat Gylyjov felt happy and transferred this state to canvases with narrow alleys, humped Venetian bridges, with monuments, palaces and museums.

As noted by the chairman of the Union of Artists of Turkmenistan, Charymyrat Yazmyrаdov, "The Italian series of works by the Turkmen painter is one of the objects of Izzat Gylyjov's creative heritage."

Visitors to the exhibition "Izzat Gylyjov in Italy," including not only lovers of painting, but also artists, art critics, and staff of a number of embassies accredited in Turkmenistan, shared the mood emanating from the sunny Italian landscapes.