Ï Ashgabat Day is a special holiday

Ashgabat Day is a special holiday

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Ashgabat Day is a special holiday
Vyacheslav Sarkisyan

An exhibition of paintings and sculptures by Turkmen artists dedicated to City Day opened at the State Museum of Fine Arts. Ashgabat is the capital city of our country.

This year, the city's holiday coincided with the 300th anniversary of the great poet and philosopher Magtymguly Fragi, celebrated in the country. This theme sounds especially relevant today in the life of Ashgabat residents. And artists try to show in their paintings the inextricable connection of the poet with his descendants.

For instance, Shemshat Babayeva in her work "At the Monument" depicted a group of people listening to a reader in front of a monument to Magtymguly. It is clear to all viewers interested in this painting that the reader is reciting Magtymguly's poems.

Gulsenem Ataýeva in the painting "Library" presented readers against the background of the poet's sculpture. It seemed that Magtymguly was present in the reading room where young people absorb wise thoughts from the books carefully preserved in the library. In the radiance of the bright multicolored glare of the evening Ashgabat, the artist Rahym Annanurov depicted a happy young family. The painting is called "Family". In it, the present is intertwined with the future. Children who have grown up in such delightful conditions perceive this as the norm. The children do not realize that the city in which they live was not like t his before.

Aylar Bayramova’s "Mentor" is one of the paintings that most vividly reveals the theme of the city. In the Ashgabat square, at the Ashgabat monument, a grandfather arranged a chess tournament on a bench with his grandchildren. The fascinating intellectual game, and with such a competitor as a grandfather, delighted the children. It doesn't matter who wins the round, the main thing is that both the grandfather and the grandchildren get tremendous pleasure from the game.

Aybolek Ojarova presented a painting "City of Arkadag" at the exhibition. This new city, as the younger brother of Ashgabat, took part in the celebration of City Day. Most of the paintings convey the rapid construction of Ashgabat. Every day the capital becomes more beautiful. Over the past three decades, the city has been transformed beyond recognition. Therefore, Ashgabat Day is a special holiday that reflects the changes in the life of independent Turkmenistan.