Ï OJSC "Hazar Ätiýaçlandyryş" offers insurance services

OJSC "Hazar Ätiýaçlandyryş" offers insurance services

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OJSC "Hazar Ätiýaçlandyryş" offers insurance services

As part of the XXIII International Universal Exhibition "White City - Ashgabat," the leading insurance company of Turkmenistan, OJSC "Hazar Ätiýaçlandyryş," presented its stand showcasing a range of services aimed at ensuring the safety and well-being of citizens. The company "Hazar Ätiýaçlandyryş" is one of the leading insurers in the country and offers a wide range of insurance products for participants and visitors of the exhibition. 

Currently, the company provides services in 21 types of insurance and reinsurance both in the domestic market and internationally. The company's main priority is corporate insurance and insurance solutions for businesses, including non-standard, exclusive and high professionalism requiring solutions. 

OJSC "Hazar Ätiýaçlandyryş" was founded in 2016 and established itself as a reliable insurance partner in the Turkmenistan market. The company collaborates with several leading insurance brokers and organizations, including Marine Insurance Services STA, ED Broking LLP, UIB Ltd, Miller LLP, BRW Brokers Limited, Axiom Insurance Broker, State Insurance Organization of Turkmenistan CJSC "Ätiýaçlandyryş Hyzmatlary," and Insurance Broker "Gadamly Osush." 

To get professional advice from experienced specialists at OJSC "Hazar Ätiýaçlandyryş," who will help tailor an optimal insurance program considering individual risks and preferences.

Among the main types of insurance offered by OJSC "Hazar Ätiýaçlandyryş" are: property insurance, protection of residential and non-residential premises, property of enterprises from fire, natural disasters, theft, and other unforeseen situations. 

Vehicle insurance: guaranteeing compensation for damage caused to both your vehicle and other road users. Life and health insurance: providing financial support in case of health loss, disability or death. 

Travel insurance: medical assistance and coverage of expenses for unforeseen events during travels. Other types of insurance include carrier liability insurance, construction and installation works insurance, accident insurance, and more.

Participation in the XXIII International Universal Exhibition "White City - Ashgabat" became another step for OJSC "Hazar Ätiýaçlandyryş" towards strengthening its position in the insurance services market of Turkmenistan.