Ï "That's my mom!" - an educational performance on a family theme

"That's my mom!" - an educational performance on a family theme

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"That's my mom!" - an educational performance on a family theme
Dzhepbarguly Garayev

At the Student Theater named after. Mollanepes staged the performance “This is my mother”, staged by 2nd and 3rd year students of the theater department Turkmen State Institute of Culture based on the play Gurbandurdy Gurbansahedov "Jennet".

The play raises a very serious topic of family relationships, in which Each family member must understand that his behavior determines well-being of loved ones. Because of the conflict between Jennet and her mother-in-law a chain of negative events occurred. Over time everything fell into place places. But the showdown affected the mother’s aching heart Jennet.

– In the play “Jennet” by Gurbandurdy Gurbansahedov, the main character loses his mother,” the honored artist comments on the performance Turkmenistan Ashirmuhammet Rakhmanov. - But we decided to change the storyline of this work and avoid the tragedy. By In our version, everything that happened to Jennet was a dream. In the creepy Repentant, she wakes up and sees her mother entering the house. "That's mine mom!” she exclaims. Now Jennet won't do anything rash actions, understanding the consequences they can lead to.

The director of this performance is a third-year theater student

Faculty of drama director Gulshat Pigamova. Gulshat managed to reliably present this story to the viewer.

All roles were performed smoothly, and as naturally as it happens in life at the everyday level.

Production designer Dunyagozel Durdyeva showed good work. In the scenography she presented did not contain an overabundance of objects, and yet less the scene of action was clearly marked.

The performance captivates with its worldly wisdom; it teaches not only daughters-in-law should be more restrained in their actions, but also all family members protect the peace of the family hearth.