Ï Summer season in Avaza is in full swing

Summer season in Avaza is in full swing

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Summer season in Avaza is in full swing

Just a few days have passed since the ceremonial start of the first stage of the summer resort season in the national tourist zone "Avaza".

Recently, a large group of children from all velayats, as well as from Ashgabat and the city of Arkadag, arrived here. At their disposal are 34 hotels, cottages, recreation and health centers of various levels, as well as the "Avaza" sanatorium.

According to experts, the number of citizens coming to the tourist zone for recreation is constantly increasing. Vacationers enjoy high-quality amenities in recreation areas, parks, music centers, sports facilities and beaches.

The events organized in Avaza, in the health and recreation centers "Akhal", "Balkan", "Dashoguz", "Lebap", "Mary" are held at a high level.

All amenities are provided in the recreation areas for cycling as well. The "World of Ships" Museum is also one of the popular places for vacationers. Different types of ship models exhibited in the museum reveal the history of vehicles. Various competitions and attractions are held daily. Most of all, this brings joy to the youngest ones, as schoolchildren participate with great pleasure in entertainment shows and sports events.

The summer season in Avaza is in full swing.