Ï New incentive for production

New incentive for production

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New incentive for production

The increase in the state procurement price for rice, starting from the 2024 harvest, has become a new incentive for farmers in Dashoguz velayat in the production of this important agricultural crop.

This year, the total area of rice plantations in the northern region is again 8,100 hectares. The main part of them is located in two specialized farms of the Saparmyrat Turkmenbashy etrap. More than four thousand hectares of land allocated for this crop are located in the local "S.A. Niyazov" Daykhkan Association, and rice is cultivated on more than three thousand hectares in the "27 Oktyabr" Daykhkan Association.

The cultivation of the pearl grain this year in the region will also involve a large private structure - the "Ykbal achary" Economic Society.

A complete cycle for the production of this crop has been established in Dashoguz velayat today due to the consistent work carried out by the state to develop the rice-growing industry and create a developed infrastructure for successful rice cultivation. The rice processing plant built several years ago on the territory of the Saparmyrat Turkmenbashy etrap, in close proximity to the rice fields, made it possible to establish the production of high-quality seed material for all rice-growing farms in the region using specialized equipment of the widely known "Satake" brand. This year, too, the basis of the harvest was made up of seeds prepared at the plant of high-yielding, disease-resistant and excellent-tasting varieties such as "Nöküs-2" and "Bereket".

The region also has a large fleet of modern specialized agricultural machinery, sufficient capacities for storing and processing the grown products. All this, in combination, allows local rice growers to reasonably hope that this year they will successfully fulfill the task set by the state to ensure a high rice harvest.