Ï Everyone discovers Magtymguly for themselves

Everyone discovers Magtymguly for themselves

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Everyone discovers Magtymguly for themselves
Alexey Gimalitdinov

The exhibition center of the Department of Art Exhibitions of the Ministry of Culture of Turkmenistan hosted the opening of the exhibition "Fount of Wisdom Magtymguly Fragi," dedicated to the 300th anniversary of the greatest poet and thinker of the Turkmen people.

215 works by Turkmen artists occupied both floors of the center. Among them, as usual, paintings depicting the beloved son of the Turkmen people prevailed, as well as graphics, sculpture, jewelry and carpet works, each revealing the theme of Magtymguly in its own way. Every visitor ascending to the second floor of the center is struck by the size (3 x 5 meters) of Zakirjan Babayev's work, which occupies a prominent place in the exhibition. The painting is titled in harmony with the exhibition's name - "Fount of Wisdom Magtymguly Fragi." It represents a "picture within a picture." It has two main characters: Magtymguly and a little boy - a viewer curiously looking at the poet on the canvas. Apparently, the author wanted each resident of Turkmenistan to discover Magtymguly for themselves. For this boy, such a moment came when looking at the image of the poet.

On the opposite side of the exhibition center, another "magnet" attracting attention was Berdiguly Amansakhetov's triptych "Magtymguly Fragi. Who are you?" In our interpretation, the multi-object nature of this painting makes it similar to a carpet ornament, reflecting the life of Turkmen people, while the division into white and black stripes symbolizes day and night - Time or Eternity.

Another triptych attracted visitors with its mysteriousness. Hojamuhammet Charyev encoded his work with multiple symbols. Azat Taganov's work "Magtymguly" is interesting. It is painted in an abstract style. The main subject is a musical phrase expressed in notes. The task that Azat Taganov set for the viewer is perhaps solved as follows: people compose songs about Magtymguly, his books with wise thoughts live among the people, and reverence for the Turkmen genius will be passed down from generation to generation.

It is remembered that the previous exhibition dedicated to Magtymguly consisted of the poet's poems and illustrations to them in paintings. Everything was clear and understandable. At this exhibition, many paintings held mysteries. One had to stand for a long time in front of each painting, trying to find a clue.

It remains to add that the exhibition "Fount of Wisdom Magtymguly Fragi" is timed to coincide with the Day of Culture and Art Workers. So, artists at the exhibition were congratulated on their professional holiday.