Conference dedicated to our distinguished homelander As-Suli was held in Ashgabat

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The research and practical conference “Abu Bakr Muhammet As-Suli and chess play theory”, dedicated to the life and creation of our distinguished homelander, was held in the assembly hall of the Turkmen State Institute of Physical culture and Sport.

The academic teaching staff of the higher educational institutions of the country, students, trainers of the Specialized chess and checkers school of the Main Directorate of Sport and Youth policy of Ashgabat, famous Turkmen chess players participated in the event organized by the Ministry of Education, Sport and Youth Policy of Turkmenistan, and Turkmen State Institute of Physical culture and Sport.

Abu Bakr Muhammet As-Suli was a distinguished chess player of the Middle Ages epoch. His name traces its origin to the name of province Sul of the historic area to the South-East from the Caspian Sea.

Even as Abu Bakr Muhammet As-Suli was native of Turkmen, living in Baghdad, he had long name formed based on the tradition of very complicated Arabian naming system, where reflected names of father and grandfather, class-consciousness and locality.

As-Suli is the unique figure – the polymath, poet, philologist, historian, for that long-ago time he had a reputation of the unquestionable chess authority. According to his playing class and analytic ability, our homelander was a true shatranj master! For example, as the annals implies, As-Suli played against the strongest opponents of his day without the loss of a game for 40 years.

As the speakers at the conference stated, the descendants of the great foregoer with great pleasure master the skills of chess complexities from a young age and gain great success in the international scene.

It is sufficing it to recall the bright performance of the Turkmen chess players in the World Youth Chess Championships for children at the age of 7 – 17, where our countrymen won in total 13 medals (6 gold, 2 silver and 5 bronze) beginning from 2013 up to date.

No less outstanding success found the representatives of Turkmenistan in the Asian championship held in Tashkent in 2019, where they won 10 medals (5 gold, 2 silver and 3 bronze) and won the third place in the overall standings among 16 teams.

“GA” correspondent