Customs post "Artyk" is recognized as the best according to the results of work in 2022

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Customs post "Artyk" is recognized as the best according to the results of work in 2022

As part of the celebration of the “Homeland Defender’s Day”, the State Customs Service of Turkmenistan summed up the results of the competition, during which the best customs post of the country was determined based on the results of work in 2022. When choosing the winner, the organizing committee was guided by several criteria, taking into account, in particular, the organization of work to prevent customs offenses, the level of professionalism of officials, sports and cultural and educational work.

The winner of the competition was the customs post "Artyk" of the Ahal velayat customs, located on the Turkmen-Iranian state border. The post has a developed infrastructure, which includes a modern material and technical base, X-ray equipment, cargo disinfection terminals, rooms for service dogs. Carefully and clearly organized work of the post is aimed at creating conditions for preventing various inconveniences and congestion of transit transport, increasing the passage through the state border connecting the two countries.

At the Artyk customs point, a best practice has been introduced to create "green corridors" for vehicles that move goods across the border of Turkmenistan using an IRT (International Road Transportation) carnet. This international transit system, based on the UN Convention, contributes to the increase in the speed of international cargo transportation, increases the attractiveness of the international transport corridors of Turkmenistan for transport and logistics companies. At the customs post "Artyk" you can submit preliminary information when transporting goods under the IRT procedure through the IRT-EPD application.

The delegation of the International Road Transport Union (IRTU), which visited Turkmenistan in January, got acquainted with the organization of "green lanes" at the customs post "Artyk". Members of the IRTU delegation discussed with representatives of the customs authorities of Turkmenistan issues related to the implementation of the digital IRT system, the facilitation of transit and international road transport operations on the territory of Turkmenistan, the digitization of the used IRT Carnet and the provision of preliminary information about the cargo.