Turkmen weightlifters win 6 medals at the World Youth Championship in Albania

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Turkmen weightlifters win 6 medals at the World Youth Championship in Albania

Six medals were won by Turkmen weightlifters following the results of two days of the youth world championship taking place in Durres (Albania).

Three medals were brought to the team of Turkmenistan by a student of the 8th grade of the Ashgabat secondary school №104 Ogulshat Amanova. In the weight category up to 45 kg, in which 12 athletes competed, she effectively used all six test attempts, winning silver in the snatch (71 kg) and two golds in the clean and jerk (85 kg) and the combined event (156 kg). In the final protocol, the 13-year-old world champion was 1 kg ahead of Angelina Colonia (Philippines) - 155 kg (72 + 83) and 6 kg ahead of last year's world champion in the snatch in the weight up to 40 kg Akanksha Vyawahare (India) - 150 kg (68 + 82).

This is the second performance of Ogulshat Amanova at the World Youth Championship. Last year, making her debut at these competitions in Mexican Leon at the age of 12, she took 6th place among 12 athletes in the weight category up to 45 kg and set three personal records at the same time - in the snatch (61 kg), clean and jerk (75 kg) and the combined total (136 kg). At the current world championship, she not only climbed to the highest step of the podium, but also improved her previous achievement by 20 kg.

After such an impressive performance, Ogulshat admitted that she feels like a «bird flying high».

Journalists accredited at the World Youth Championship asked our young athlete how she managed to win the world champion title at the age of 13.

«No relaxation, only hard daily training», said Ogulshat Amanova. She said that she was engaged in weightlifting under the guidance of her father, the coach of the School of Higher Sportsmanship and the national team of Turkmenistan among girls (under 17) Gurbandurdy Amanov.

«My father is very strong, he helps me a lot», O. Amanova continued, and after a pause, jokingly added:

«I am also very strong. Everyone at my school knows this, so they don't contact me».

Three medals from Albania from the Youth World Championship 2023 will be taken home by another Turkmen athlete, Perhat Bagtyyarov. In the weight category up to 61 kg, in which 18 weightlifters from 16 countries competed for awards, a 16-year-old student of the 10th grade of the Ashgabat sports school «Olimp» realized four out of six valid attempts, winning gold in the snatch (114 kg) and two silver in the clean and jerk ( 144 kg) and biathlon (258 kg). In the sum of two exercises, Perhat Bagtyyarov was 3 kg ahead of the bronze medalist K'Brum (Vietnam) - 255 kg (113 + 142) and only 1 kg lost to world champion Albert Jan Delos Santos (Philippines) - 259 kg (110 + 149).

Last year, at the World Youth Championship in Leon (Mexico), Perhat in the weight category up to 55 kg took fourth place (222 kg), winning a small silver medal in the clean and jerk (125 kg), and at the Asian Championship in Tashkent among young men (under 17 years ) entered the top five (227 kg), having won a small bronze medal in the clean and jerk (125 kg).

Perhat Bagtyyarov started weightlifting in Sakarchage etrap with coach Shatlyk Durdygylyjov. Currently, he is improving his skills at the «Olimp» sports school under the guidance of Boris Kulamov.

The team of Turkmenistan at the youth world championship in Albania is represented by 9 weightlifters.

On the first day of the competition, Shabnam Kerimbayeva (weight category up to 40 kg) with a result of 107 kg (snatch - 49 kg, clean and jerk - 58 kg) took 6th place among 7 athletes, and Nurbek Azamatov (up to 49 kg) with a total of 179 kg (84 + 95) finished 8th out of 14 weightlifters.

In our men's team, Didarbek Jumabayev (up to 67 kg) and Suleyman Jafarov (up to 96 kg) have yet to enter the Albanian platform, and in the women's team - Medine Amanova (up to 59 kg), Gulalek Kakamyradova (up to 64 kg) and Anamjan Rustamova (up to 81 kg).