Ï With photo equipment

With photo equipment

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With photo equipment

Employees of the Kaplangyr State Nature Reserve use camera traps more and more often for remote research of wild animals in the natural environment. These devices allow remote observation of the vital activity of many species of local inhabitants, due to their high resolution matrix, equipped with a motion sensor that turns on photo and video recording at the right moment. They have become an effective tool for monitoring the population of wild animals and birds in protected natural areas, as photo traps make minimal intervention in their daily life. Thus, there are wolves, foxes, gazelles, kulans, eagle-owls, partridges and others, that have been captured by the devices at different times of the day. Even such cautious inhabitants as the nimble and silent hunting reed cat and the silent and fierce steppe cat, that leads a predominantly crepuscular lifestyle, have not remained unnoticed. Earlier, the caracal has also been caught by the cameras in the territory of the Reserve. Caracal is included in the Red Book of Turkmenistan, one of the habitats of which is the Ustyurt Plateau.

Images, obtained from the cameras, help to monitor local fauna, make conclusions about the number and habitats of different species of birds and animals, about their physical condition, track their daily and seasonal activity, study their habits and, if necessary, adjust the methods of protection.

The fauna of the Kaplangyr Reserve is original and rich. The peculiar landscape of the territory and successfully implemented comprehensive environmental protection measures contribute to the preservation and development of the species of its representatives inherent in northern Turkmenistan.