The first issue of the new magazine «Arkadagly ýaşlar» has been published

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The first issue of the new magazine «Arkadagly ýaşlar» has been published

Electronic publications of Turkmenistan have been replenished with a new monthly youth magazine «Arkadagly ýaşlar», founded by the Magtymguly Youth Organization of Turkmenistan. The online publication covers various aspects of the youth policy implemented in the country, gives the floor to both well-known youth mentors and the representatives of the younger generation themselves, who talk about their deeds, interests and dreams.

The January issue is opened by the editor-in-chief of the magazine Dovletgeldi Durdymuhammedov with his article «Arkadagdan Arkaly Biz». Like the article by the chairman of the Central Council of the Magtymguly Youth Organization Yazpolat Keriyev, it is devoted to the issues of state youth policy aimed at the comprehensive development, legal and social support of the young generation, which is associated with faith in the bright future of the country. In connection with the motto of 2023 «Happy youth with Arkadag Serdar», the readiness of Turkmen youth is expressed to justify the high trust of the state and society.

In an extensive collection of materials from the first issue, each reader can find a publication on a topic of interest in one of three languages - Turkmen, Russian and English. Among them there are articles about the new modern city of Arkadag, about the connection between work, prosperity and happiness, about the role of parents in raising children, about the art of embroidery, about the Gulbaba special children's award and its laureates, interesting facts about books, advice to young people from successful people and much more.

Along with the topics of education and traditional family values, the magazine's publications widely cover issues related to the importance of learning English and digital technologies, which open up the world and opportunities for young people, prepare future managers, etc. Among the authors of these materials are persons who are authoritative among young people, including teachers, poets, journalists and public figures. The issues of friendship, love and fidelity that concern young people are touched upon in their publications by the editor-in-chief of the newspaper «Turkmenistan» Kakamyrat Rejepov and the winner of the «Woman of the Year-2022» contest in the nomination «For the dissemination of spiritual values and national cultural heritage in the world» Gulshirin Hanova.

It is important that the editorial board motivates young people to actively participate in the preparation and discussion of journal materials, create feedback and interactive communication. The competition for the best article announced at the end of the issue will also serve this purpose.